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Frequently Asked Questions

What is Search Engine Optimisation?

• optimisation definition:
"The procedure or procedures used to make a system or design as effective or functional as possible, especially the mathematical techniques involved." from

• We like to describe what we do as, the art of creating and adjusting websites for the express purpose of making them as easily findable as possible for people searching in search engines for the products, services and information those websites are presenting.

How do we optimise websites?

• The best way to acheive this is to provide in depth content relative to the subject matter of the products being sold or the topical theme of the site.

• With specialist knowledge of the way pages get indexed on the different search engines we can design or redesign the pages of your site or create new ones or even a new domain linking to your primary site, with full content optimisation catering for the different algorithim of each search engine.

• The key to good positions in the search engines is research, research, testing and more research, then applying it to the web pages with full and current keyphrase optimization.

• Link popularity/relevance is a major factor to consider when submitting pages. This a measure of how many pages from a search engines database, are linking to your own and how relevant they are to your page content. Two of the largest databases, Inktomi and Google rely on this method heavily when scoring web pages for a match.

• By keeping up with the latest news and trends in search technology our team of SEO's (search engine optimisers) have a wealth of knowledge in this specialised area enabling our clients to increase and maintain maximum visibility on the net through the search engines.

How can it help my business?

• By providing your website with visitors who are searching for your services/products is to provide targeted traffic.

• These visitors are much more likely to buy your services or product.

• Many of our clients get more enquiries through the web than any other form of offline advertising. Compare the costs, invest in SEO and your business will thrive.

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