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A key factor in developing a really great site is providing plenty of valuable information. The kind of information that will provide your visitors with everything they need to know about the services or products you offer.

Search engines that use spidering technology to harvest the data from your Web pages, will be looking for plenty of text data in the body of your pages. Therefore it's important to create some content for every page of your site you want found in the search engines.

Usually somewhere between 100 and 300 words is plenty. It's generally considered a good idea to keep the body of your text in one or two solid blocks to improve density rather than spreading text in bits all over the page buried in tables.

If your Website is built to sell products, give as much information about each product as you can. Show an image of the product and describe it with bold heading, product profile and technical description. Also you can write a review or link to independent reviews which will create additional value to your page.

The key is to create as much useful information as you can while keeping an overall theme throughout the site.

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