Search Engine Optimisation

Optimizing the site for Search Engines

Still one of the most effective ways of getting people to your site is to achieve good listings and coverage in the major search engines. We all know who they are: at this time Google (powers several major portals), Inktomi (powers MSN), Fast (powers Lycos) and Teoma (powers AskJeeves) are the big hitters of the crawling engines, i.e.: the ones that actually do regular or continuous crawls of the Internet, gathering data from every document it finds and indexing the document data in a huge searchable database.

If you do everything right and are careful not to trigger any spam filters, you can develop a site that will always appear on the first page of search engines results for search queries related to your product/service/resource. This will give you the visibility needed to create plenty of qualified visitors to your Website.

This is our guide to basic principles in optimization.

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