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Promoting your Website

So now you've got a great site, plenty of useful information, it's live and fully operational. All you have to do now is get it out there and noticed.

If you've invested significant finance and/or time in developing the Website, you are really looking for a good return on that investment. And to do that you have got to get visitors to that site.

There are a number of great ways of doing this, but it will take time, skill and determination. You should also be prepared to take the inevitable knocks and ups and downs that are inherent with marketing a Website.

First you will need to achieve good listings in:

  • Directories: Yahoo, LookSmart, ODP
  • Search Engines: Google, Teoma, Fast, Inktomi and AltaVista
  • Relevant Target Portals

If you can do this, you will have an effective platform to create a good stream of targeted quality web traffic for your site.

You can find more details by following the links (right) which offer a basic guide to promoting your site through the search portals and more...

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